Home Hardware to demolish farmhouse after heritage review

ST. JACOBS, Ont. — Home Hardware is ready to proceed with the demolition of a century-old farmhouse next to its head office, after experts determined it is not a candidate for heritage property designation. The township of Woolwich had initially viewed the application to demolish with skepticism given the age and architecture of the house, but appearances proved to be deceiving. “We have worked with heritage consultants who have determined that it is not listed as a heritage property of interest nor is it a heritage-designated property,” said Home Hardware spokesperson Jessica Kuepfer. The interior of the house was heavily renovated in the 1980s before Home Hardware acquired it, removing any moulding or other features dating to the house’s construction. Despite the renovations, the house was still in unsafe condition when the company came into possession. “Unfortunately, the exterior of the building is a bit misleading;” said Kuepfer, “it does not reflect the structural damage inside.”