JRTech lands northern Quebec client

The Fédération des Coopératives du Nouveau-Québec (Ilagiisaq-FCNQ) has adopted JRTech Solutions’ Pricer electronic shelf labels. The group will deploy the platform to all of its 14 member co-ops which boast a total of 17 locations in Nunavik, the predominately Inuit northernmost region of Quebec. Following a pilot at the Great Whale River Co-op in Kuujjuarapik, FCNQ has agreed to roll out the Pricer Power+ labels in the remainder of its stores by Q3 of this year.

“The ease of use and reliability of Pricer’s technology is a welcome relief for our community stores where tiered pricing has traditionally been a challenge to manage,” Mark Blair, the federation’s general manager, said in a release.