New tool and hardware distributor opens in Canada

A new tool distribution business has landed in Canada. Two brothers, Omar and Matt Chaaban, have established OMC Tools & Hardware, based in Mississauga, Ont.

The company’s product line, consisting of some 2,000 SKUs, is unique because all the products are from one source. Total Tools is a Chinese company that produces its own brand of power tools, hand tools, accessories, and hardware.

Hardlines attended OMC’s introductory event last evening (and our first industry event since the pandemic started!). A gathering of retail and industrial dealers and buyers was on hand to get details of the story behind Total Tools.

(If you were one of the buyers who missed this presentation, it included a couple of surprises, including the launch of a new power tool line and, wait for it: a completely new store concept. Full details will appear in a future issue of Hardlines!