After many delays, giant distributors merge in landmark deal

A series of negotiations between the largest home improvement retailer in the world and one of North America’s largest hardlines buying groups has resulted in a landmark merger. AD Canada has forged a deal with industrial wholesaler HD Supply that will result in one of the largest distribution entities in the country. The alliance was fraught with a series of challenges, as negotiations actually began three years ago. But holdups, including missed meetings, changes in strategic direction, and repeated searches for missing memos associated with the deal, extended the timeline. However, the effort has been worth it, say both parties, and ADHD Supply is ready to establish itself as a major player.

“We are pleased and inspired by our partnership with ADHD Supply,” said Patrick O’Really, spokesperson for the newly formed alliance (shown here, looking for his next meeting). “We had hurdles to overcome to make this deal happen but they were—hey, let’s see what’s in the fridge. Did you hear there’s another season of Ted Lasso coming? Oh, look at that pretty cloud up there!”