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  • CLAUDE DION – Passionate leader in multidisciplinary professional experience in the hardware and retail sales and manufacturing business. View this resumé 
  • PAUL VANDERWIEL – Procurement and Sales professional with over 20 years experience developing strong working relationships with buying, marketing, and merchandising teams. View this resumé 
  • BILL GUNTON  – Experienced Category Manager with a proven ability and skill set. View this resumé 
  • BENJAMIN RICHARD LAIRD  – Entrepreneurial, results-driven, sales professional offers 10+ years of leadership and National Account Management experience. View this resumé 
  • LOUIS VON BELKOM – A highly motivated, sales/marketing professional with extensive experience, coupled with a record of consistent success and high performance. View this resumé 
  • MARGARET BROWN – A Sales Professional with over twenty years of experience. View this resumé 
  • DANIELLE LAMARRE – Passionate marketing professional who will bring your brand to the next level! View this resumé 
  • JOHN KUCAN – Unstoppable winning record in CPG, great contacts at the top retailers in Canada. View this resumé
  • ROCCO CARNEVALE – Highly-accomplished Business Development-Marketing & Sales Leader; offering a distinguished track sales record. View this resumé
  • GREGORY LAVIGNE – A high performance leader with expertise in Sales & Marketing, Customer Development and Team Building. View this resumé
  • DIRK DRIEBERG – An accomplished strategic marketing and sales leader who delivers leadership, results and operational excellence. View this resumé
  • PETER ULMER – Highly motivated sales professional extensively experienced in the home improvement retail industry seeking new opportunity. View this resumé
  • SCOTT DEWAR – Dewar: ready to engage and add value to your organization everyday- let’s talk today. View this resumé
  • RAY TIERNEY – Seeking Director, NAM or Business Development sales roles. Consulting in sales/product marketing & in-store training.  View this resumé
  • GEOFF HICKS – Proven results orientated leader that understands the meaning of accountability, passion selling and hard work. View this resumé
  • KEN KARIUS – Experienced building material professional qualified in operations , management & sales searching for a challenging & rewarding opportunity.. View this resumé
  • GERRY O’HANDLEY – Accomplished sales leader, business development manager, team builder, category manager and customer relationship focused. View this resumé
  • ROGER MICHAUD – Sales Agent, 30 years experience in Bus. Dev, and Sales Channel Management for distribution in Atlantic Canada.. View this resumé

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