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Welcome to Hardlines HR Advisor, an online publication from Hardlines. HR Advisor is designed to keep you informed about human resources issues and concerns in the home improvement industry.

The most valuable asset of any company is its people. Taking care of your people is more important noe than it’s ever been. That’s why we launched Hardlines HR Advisor.

This monthly newsletter features industry knowledge, tips and tricks, and much more. Each issue features insightful case studies from drawn right from the retail home improvement industry.

Are you having problems finding good people? Or getting rid of a problem worker? Do you have a vision for guiding and coaching your team, and yourself, to take your business and your career to the next level? HR Advisor is filled every month with insights and tips to help you.

To ensure you get guidance to help manage and support your teams, every month we include advice from HR professionals who work in retail, wholesale and manufacturing to share their expertise.

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