The Hardlines Podcast Series

News, insights, and stories about Hardware and Home Improvement Retailing in Canada. As a specialized information company, we are committed to helping home improvement retailers, managers, and executives with news, research, conferences and connections. This new podcast series is just one more way to fulfil that mandate.

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What’s in Store

This podcast series is dedicated to interviews with industry leaders from the retail, wholesale, and vendor sides of home improvement selling. Get insights into the trends and challenges confronting retailers in general and in particular the dealers who sell products and services for building, repairing, and renovating homes.

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The History of Home Improvement

Get ready for some fun history lessons in our ongoing history of home improvement retailing. These blasts from the past draw from the notable and pivotal moments in the growth of hardware stores, lumber yards, big boxes, and home centres in Canada over the past 50 years. Learn about the people and events that have shaped this dynamic retail sector.



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