Atlantic provinces hit hard by Hurricane Dorian

SPECIAL REPORT — Hundreds of thousands in Atlantic Canada are still without power after Hurricane Dorian made landfall over the weekend.

The Category 2 hurricane made landfall near Sambro, N.S., on Saturday, taking down power lines and trees across the region, and leaving a mess for power utility crews that may take up to a week to fully recover from, said Nova Scotia Power president Karen Hutt.

A total of 211,000 Nova Scotia Power customers remained in the dark Monday morning, leaving schools and some businesses closed for the day. Emergency management officials in Nova Scotia are advising drivers to stay off the roads. Meanwhile, 21,000 residents in P.E.I., 15,000 in New Brunswick and 1,500 in Newfoundland were also without power.

Dorian’s storm system is tracking more than 150 nautical miles off Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula, into the North Atlantic.