Bunnings expands online offerings

MELBOURNE — Bunnings plans to have a transactional website selling more than 60,000 products up and running within the next 18 months. The iconic Australian retailer launched its online channel last year with about 20,000 large-scale items like sheds and playgrounds. Earlier this year it refined its testing with a pop-up shop on eBay. The expanded offering is beginning with a pilot currently underway at one Melbourne location. “If we can go faster and it makes sense we’ll look at that but we just want the customer experience to be really good,” Managing Director Michael Schneider told the Australian Financial Review. “There are so many good online players out there we want to make sure the way we serve our customers is a very positive and a very Bunnings experience.” Customers will be able to choose between the chain’s existing home delivery service or a new click-and-collect option when making online purchases.