Canadian Tire enters Dragons’ Den to find new vendors

TORONTO ― Ads are popping up on to that feature Greg Hicks, president of Canadian Tire Retail. A paid advertising blurb says, “Meet Greg Hicks. See what it takes to get your product on store shelves.” Clicking on the ad leads to an advertising feature promoting Canadian Tire’s involvement in upcoming segments of Dragons’ Den, the popular TV show that gives entrepreneurs and start-ups a shot at pitching their business idea to a panel of investors.

Amidst pics of Hicks engaging thoughtfully with technology and with other people, the ad says outright, “Canadian Tire is always hunting for the latest innovative ways to help Canadians with the jobs and joys of life in Canada, so partnering with Dragons’ Den is the perfect way to get an inside look at some of the hottest undiscovered products from Canadian entrepreneurs and bring them to Canadian Tire customers across the country.”

(Vendor Alert: Hey, we all know the best way to reach new vendors is through a Hardlines Meet the Buyers Breakfast, so be sure and mention it to your CTR buyer next time!—Your Shameless Editor)