Newest Hardlines newsletter tackles workplace inefficiencies

A new study has revealed the source of an important time waster in corporate Canada—and one that affects everyone from upper management to front-line workers.

The research, done KPPG Colour Forecasters in conjunction with the Havardi Review of Business, has unearthed the folly of losing one’s socks, and the resulting mayhem caused by mismatched socks.  “Getting ready for work in the morning is gravely impacted by the search for matching socks,” said Brandon Oat, Chief Hosery Officer at KPPG. “People can be delayed up to seven minutes per day looking for the correct socks to start their routine.”

Oat and his team found that this phenomenon cuts across demographics and income levels, although men between the ages of 20 and 85 living in homes with windows are the most dramatically impacted. Hardlines has responded quickly with a new product to respond to the challenge posed by this syndrome and is proud to announce the launch of Socklines.

With the slogan, “Keeping one step ahead of your wardrobe,” this free electronic newsletter will be published weekly to keep up with the demands of this constantly changing sector.

Some of the issues covered in the first issues of Socklines will include:

  • No way out: socks with holes don’t have what it takes
  • All one colour? don’t be drab, be daring
  • Air drying be hanged: technology to keep your socks from shrinking
  • Mix and match—a plan for workplace efficiency or a path to career disaster?

(Don’t delay, don’t stumble—subscribe today to Socklines. Click here now to take the steps to worry-free footwear in the workplace! —Your well-hosed Editor!)