Verschuren venture brings Tesla battery to Canada

TORONTO — Annette Verschuren’s firm NRStor will bring Tesla Motors’ Powerwall battery pack to Canada, in a joint venture with Opus One Energy Solutions, according to Report on Business. (Verschuren, the former head of Home Depot Canada, who built the company to 180 stores.)

The Powerwall was introduced last week by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and allows homeowners to store solar power during the day for later use. Because the “feed-in tariff” system in effect in Canada means that homeowners can get more for the solar power they sell to utilities than they can by saving it up, other applications are expected to be more prominent, including backup power during outages and time-shifting so electricity bought at cheaper times can be used later. Some families may invest in the battery packs in order to go “off the grid” entirely, Verschuren said.