Retail Council event zooms in on HR

The Retail Council of Canada will hold a Retail Human Resources Conference on April 25 at the International Centre, opposite Toronto Pearson International Airport. The event will focus on harnessing the combined potential of AI tech and employee engagement to transform HR in the retail sector. Keynote speakers will address workforce development and talent management strategies.

The conference will explore the pressing issues shaping the future of retail HR. Attendees will learn to strike a balance between leveraging AI and other technologies for operational efficiency and the critical task of engaging with employees to nurture thriving workplaces. Discussions will encompass AI’s impact on workforce development, the nuances of compensation and labor relations, and inventive tactics for attracting talent, enhancing employee experiences, and boosting retention.

Featured sessions include:
Just announced! Mastering Finance for HR: Winning Executive Buy-In for Change:
Robert Laufer CFO of Browns Shoes Inc. and RCC President and CEO Diane J. Brisebois discuss crafting a compelling HR investment proposal, focusing on alignment with leadership and demonstrating HR’s role in supporting organizational growth and change.

What Employees are Seeking Beyond “Competitive Pay”:
John Mortimer and Shelly Patel from LabourWatch present frontline strategies to enhance retail workers’ daily experiences, boosting engagement, customer loyalty, and business performance.

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Empowering your DEI Strategy:
Rochele Padiachy, Learning Manager at the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion will lead a session on transformative DEI strategies and their integration into business plans for an inclusive future.

AI-Driven Innovations for Tomorrow’s Workforce:
David Lloyd, Chief Data and AI Officer at Ceridian, examines the role of AI in retail HR, from streamlining tasks to providing actionable insights and improving workforce efficiency.

Revitalizing Inspired Employee Engagement:
Deb Craven of Longo’s shares their journey in enhancing employee engagement, highlighting key lessons, accountability, and the positive impact on workplace dynamics.

Additionally, RCC’s Retail Human Resources Conference offers extensive networking opportunities, complete with delicious snacks and a filling lunch. It’s the perfect setting for participants to connect with peers, meet other HR professionals, exhibitors, and solution providers. This year introduces peer-to-peer learning and roundtable discussions, providing a unique forum for sharing ideas and addressing common industry challenges.

(Secure your spot at this unmissable conference at Groups of five or more can enjoy a 20% discount, making it an ideal opportunity for team building and mentoring junior HR professionals.)