RONA shares strategy, new look for its dealers, at Montreal buying show

RONA dealers got an update on head office’s new programs, its new retail brand, and where independents fit in with the company’s vision at the dealer show, RONA Connexia, held at the Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

Those changes include a new identity designed exclusively for RONA’s affiliated dealers, based on a review of the signage outside of the stores and the brand elements inside. This new identity is designed to promote the entrepreneurial side of the dealers while capitalizing on RONA’s brand awareness.

“Our network of affiliated dealers is an integral part of RONA’s growth strategy and a key priority for our organization” said Andrew Iacobucci, president and CEO of RONA inc. “Following the completion of in-depth market analysis and consultations with RONA dealers, we revised our overall offer so that dealers can dominate their markets.”