Throwback Thursday: 20 years ago, Home Hardware winds down Beaver Lumber

Throwback Thursday is a weekly feature in which we dip into the Hardlines Weekly Report archives.

Having acquired Beaver Lumber in 1999, four years later Home Hardware was preparing to close Beaver’s Markham, Ont., head office.

In our Oct. 14, 2003, edition, Hardlines (now our flagship Weekly Report) ran an interview with Eric Konecsni, at the time Home Hardware’s VP of operations, about the move. (Editor’s Note: Konecsni had spent 32 years with Beaver Lumber before the takeover.)

According to Konecsni, only three people were still working at the Markham office at that time. They were providing services to the fewer than 20 remaining Beaver locations. By April 2004, Konecsni said, those Beaver stores would be converted to the Home banner and the office closed.