Throwback Thursday: Ten years ago, Home Depot Canada started using stores as online showrooms

Throwback Thursday is a regular weekly feature in which we dip into the archives of the Hardlines Weekly Report.

It’s obvious that the world of online retailing has come a long way in 10 years. In our April 28, 2014, Hardlines Weekly Report we wrote that Home Depot Canada had started to use its bricks-and-mortar stores as online showrooms.

“Home Depot Canada has upgraded the merchandising in 56 of its stores to showcase some upscale products that are not even available to purchase in-store,” we wrote. “While the products are being showcased in bricks-and-mortar environments, they can only be bought online.” Aaron Jarosz, Home Depot’s senior merchant for seasonal, said: “That online space has been growing and growing. Customers are getting accustomed to buying products online.”