True Value sale paying off for marketing efforts

CHICAGO ― True Value’s historic decision to reduce its shareholders’ stake has enabled the banner to offer locally customized marketing, Forbes reports. Customers get geographically targeted promotions and the opportunity to receive relevant mobile messages, while retailers get access to a personalized digital marketing program. “We stopped charging a national advertising fee so that our local store owners could optimize their approach to traditional and digital advertising,” says CEO and President John Hartmann. “It all boils down into one word: customizable.”

“In 2019, each store will have its own individual marketing program, and they will be able to adjust it as the dollars go up and down, right on the screen,” Dave Elliott, senior VP of Marketing, told Hardware Retailing. As part of that effort, the company is redefining location-based services by using metrics that track shoppers’ movements and habits more accurately than a simple radius.