Unique challenges for Target in Quebec

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Target’s establishment in Canada has been notoriously troubled, but its woes in the rest of the country may not translate into the Quebec market – for better or worse. The Toronto Star reports that a study by Toronto’s Headspace Marketing shows Quebecers are less familiar with the brand than their English Canadian counterparts, and less likely to rate their shopping experience at Target favourably. At the same time, its authors note, the banner’s status as a “blank slate” has the potential to work in its favour, given the impact disappointed expectations had on its results in Canada. With 38.4% of respondents rating their experience as “neither good nor bad,” Target may have a chance to make a fresh impression on Quebec consumers. “Instead of a Target Lite,” Headspace president Eric Blais noted, “Quebecers may have simply discovered a better Zellers.