BSIA launches mentorship program to shape the future of the building supply industry


The Building Supply Industry Association of British Columbia (BSIA) has launched a pioneering mentorship program. It aims to address the challenges posed by the industry’s dynamic landscape, especially with numerous business owners entering retirement.

The association acknowledges the role mentorship plays in shaping the future of the building supply industry, so it’s made a big investment of time and resources to get this new program up and running. With it, the BSIA aims to elevate mentorship to a structured and essential component for the industry’s sustainability.

Carson Pue, a seasoned expert in coaching and mentorship, has been recruited to lead the charge in crafting the training platform for mentors. He is working with Sofia Friesen and together their expertise provides the foundation for the training program. It’s designed to empower mentors to build and expand on the skills that will foster growth in the younger generations.

A mentorship toolbox is included with the program, offering practical resources for mentors after the training is finished. The toolkit encompasses a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and best practices that mentors can utilize to navigate mentorship effectively.

Upon successful completion of the mentorship program, participants will be awarded a certificate, providing tangible recognition of their commitment to advancing within the building supply industry. This not only signifies a personal achievement but also highlights the value placed on mentorship within the broader professional community.

The BSIA hosted the Mentorship Introduction event for the first wave of mentees on Feb. 7. It was led by Pue and sponsored by PowerHouse Building Solutions and Crown Building Supplies.

Pue’s presentation sparked a sense of shared purpose and determination of all the opportunities that are ahead. As the event concluded, mentors and mentees alike left with a renewed sense of motivation and enthusiasm for the journey that lay ahead.

(For more information about the BSIA Mentorship program, please contact the BSIA directly or call 604-513-2205.)