Pay attention to these trends in workplace wellness

Wellness Workdays, a provider of corporate wellness programs, completed its 2021 annual retrospective analysis and found several workplace wellness trends to watch in 2022. A certified woman-owned business enterprise, Wellness Workdays designs and delivers corporate wellness programs to promote employee health, productivity and a culture of well-being.

According to the analysis, here are four trends emerging in workplace wellness for 2022:

A focus on fitness. Wellness programs that include a focus on exercise, fitness, and ergonomic health became the leading topic in 2021. As many employees continue to work from home this year, the interest in ergonomic health, including back care and reducing sedentary time, continues to grow. Spending so much time at home in the last two years has led to an increased desire to be more active.

Mental health becomes a central pillar. Mental health is a popular part of wellness programs and has now become a central pillar of wellness rather than just one part. As the pandemic winds down, there will be a shift from crisis management in wellness to support, mindfulness, and a holistic view of wellness.

Sustainability in wellness. Along with caring for their bodies and minds, employees are looking to take care of our planet with more eco-friendly practices and policies. Wellness Workdays’ sustainability-focused wellness programs grew in popularity by more than 300 percent in 2021 and helped improve participants’ wellness and reduce their carbon footprint.

Investing in chronic condition management. In 2021, Wellness Workdays’ programs saw a 300 percent increase in interest in chronic condition prevention and management. People want to know the best ways to manage any existing chronic conditions and prevent future conditions from developing.