Ask the HR Department:  How can I improve productivity in my workplace?


By HR and health & safety consultancy Peninsula Canada

Business productivity is directly related to how engaged a person is with their work and employer. The more productive your company is, the easier it is to boost profits and improve business relationships.

Here are some key strategies to improve productivity in the workplace:

Encourage open communication. If employers are wondering how to improve workplace productivity, why not ask employees? They can shed light on areas for improvement and share ideas on how it can be resolved. Additionally, asking employees for recommendations and their opinion will make them feel heard and valued, which also plays a major role in productivity.

Provide the necessary tools. Staff cannot do their jobs successfully without the proper tools and equipment. Outdated technology can often cause staff to feel frustrated, slowing down their work and leaving them feeling unmotivated. The right tools keep workers productive by showing you’re invested in their success.

Consider offering flexible working options. Consider giving employees flexible options to best fit their lifestyle. This can entail working from home, four-day work weeks, or allowing them to work their required working hours anytime during the day. This can help employees work during the hours or space where they feel the most productive.

Acknowledge hard work. Awards are a great way to recognize great achievement within the workplace. Providing incentives for all employees to meet certain targets or expectations is a great way to encourage great performance.

Encourage work breaks. If employees work nonstop, it can lead to burnout. To prevent this from happening, encourage employees to go on a quick 15-min walk or create a break room where they can relax and recharge. This will leave staff feeling more energized and motivated to get the job done.

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