Ask the HR Department: Spring cleaning for your HR department

By HR and health & safety consultancy Peninsula Canada

Spring is the perfect time to get organized and get rid of clutter. But have you thought about spring cleaning the HR department? This time of year is the best time to ensure all HR functions are up to date.

Employee files. When was the last time employee files were looked at and updated? It’s important to check employee files periodically to ensure that all contact information, addresses and emergency contacts are there. If you are still using paper files, consider switching to digital ones.

Policy check. Are all company policies and employee handbooks up to date? Not only is it important to ensure employees are made aware of all changes, but handbooks must be current and compliant with any legislative changes.

Prepare for a surge of vacation requests. With everyone so eager to get away as pandemic restrictions end, how do you fairly manage vacation requests? To avoid any issues, employers should make sure they have a good system in place to prepare for the surge in vacation requests.

The vacation policy should inform employees of how far in advance they must request their vacation. It should clarify the procedure for making the request.

Review projects. Looking over the status of current and future projects will help keep your team on track. Checking due dates, tasks, and responsibilities will not only ensure the project is done on time but also allow you to see if there are any gaps in the process and handle them ahead of time.

Job description updates. It is important to update job posting to ensure the requirements still fit the job position. Often, a job posting may be forgotten and become irrelevant. Factor in any office or responsibility changes to make sure you are targeting the right candidate.

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