Recruiting top talent: when is it time for external support?

Lock Search Group has stepped up to sponsor HR Advisor since its inception. Here’s a closer look at what Lock Search does, according to Matthew Frost, senior recruitment consultant at Lock Search Group. Frost’s specialty is the home improvement and building supplies space.

So you’re looking to add a new member to your team. Is your HR department equipped to take on this journey or should you seek external support from a recruitment firm? For many organizations, the sheer bandwidth required to locate top talent (pre-COVID) was overwhelming at times. Now factor in the influx of job seekers that were dismissed during the pandemic and the challenge to locate qualified candidates is magnified significantly.

Many companies within the hardlines community are reaching out to recruitment firms to help manage the timely process of finding all-star candidates.

At Lock Search Group, the approach is far beyond the “post and pray” technique that’s used when companies post a position on an online job board or their company website and then hope that the right person sees and applies for the position. It can prove to be a less effective method for locating exceptional individuals that will make a positive impact on an organization.

At Lock, we find that 85 percent of the time, successfully placed candidates had never even seen the posting for the role that they end up moving into. They were actually “sourced” by a recruiter working on behalf of their client.

Recruitment firms dedicate their human resources to making contact with potential candidates who are already making strides within a particular industry and then invite them to learn more about a new job opportunity. The time required to perform a thorough search can often be beyond what an HR team can manage, resulting in longer cycles reviewing resumés, scheduling interviews, and settling for a candidate that was simply the best they could find.

If this sounds remotely familiar, it might be time to leverage a recruitment firm for your next candidate search.