This business coach specializes in guiding leaders in home improvement


Tom Newton is an executive coach. As head of Trillium Executive Coaching, his focus is providing direction for the boss. “I help people—leaders who are growing in their position as they navigate change, helping them go from where they are to where they want to be.”

He has a firm grounding in the hardware industry, having been formerly with companies like ODL Inc., M-D Canada, and Colonial Elegance. From there, he pursued studies and got re-educated in a new career. He is now a professional certified coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and has graduate certificates from Royal Roads University. His industry-specific background means he finds himself working with a lot of companies in the home improvement industry, and he admits he finds this industry more interesting than other sectors he has consulted with.

Newton has helped many home improvement retailers cope with the fallout of a flat year in 2023, following two years of explosive growth. As sales levels fell, company leaders have had to adjust big time. “In talking with sales and marketing people in this industry, it’s really tough to navigate that right now.” For him, the challenge is to help business leaders take meaningful next steps. “How are we going to invest in our leaders and how are we going to help them grow?”

Newton says his job is to help them find their way. “When you think about going to work, and who you work with and interconnect with, the coach should be the one person you can have a confidential conversation with, one that you might not have with your boss or even a close colleague.”