This recruitment team works from within to build Wolseley’s ranks

Hardlines was recently at the grand opening of a new location for Wolseley, the specialty plumbing distributor. The opening of the location, just east of Toronto, had all the trappings of a well-run opening day: lots of food and refreshments, in-house specials for contractor and plumbing pro customers, and a table-top show featuring some key suppliers.

But in addition, one of the tables had two Wolseley employees in it. Dakota Sheppard and Daljeet Obhi are part of Wolseley’s Talent Acquisition Team. They’re based out of the company’s headquarters in Burlington, Ont., and their job is to create awareness of the opportunities within the company for new hires—using existing staff as ambassadors. The team’s slogan is, “Join the Pros.” Sheppard and Abhi travel to Wolseley locations across Canada and encourage existing staff to talk up their own jobs and careers at Wolseley to attract more talent.

They told us this was the first time they tried setting up a booth on behalf of the Talent Acquisition Team at a store opening. But it sure seemed like a great idea to us!