Product Roundup: the 2022 National Hardware Show

The National Hardware Show was held earlier this month in Las Vegas.
Hardlines was there checking out new and innovative products.
(Click on any of the pics to see a bigger image.)


Stylish LED fixtures from California-based Dawnrise, repped by Canadian industry veteran Lorne Frankel. He was impressed by the styles and the innovations, including a voice-activated RGB (red-green-blue) floor lamp and a recessed lighting system tht also featured security backup lighting.



At the Technoform Industries booth, we saw some very cool engineered wall coverings for putting over tired baths and showers. These looked like a stylish, easy fix for refurbishing a shower. The Chateauguay, Que.-based company also featured some upgrades to its line of utility sinks.


Tom Douglas, the Canadian rep for I-Form, was showing off a line of sunglasses that appeared pretty much indestructable. The are made with materials originally developed for military applications. The result, as seen here, is pretty twisted!

Another exhibitor that created a “buzz” was Bug Bite Thing, a product that creates a seal around an insect bite or sting, then allows the user to pull on the device like a syringe to draw the venom out of the skin. It’s a perfect item for Amazon, where it has big presence, but could be a nice little impulse item during camping season.

ExtremeMist had a line of cooling devices including a personal hydration system that emits cool mist. One was used in a vest for runners. Another version of the product could be attached to a fan to cool the air being blown into a room, which made eminently more sense.

Security Equipment Corp. showcased the Sabre line of pepper spray in a range of colours and looks for both male and female users. Though not legal in Canada, the company does sell dog spray, bear spray, and personal alarms. It’s all about personal safety, said the rep we spoke with (and whose business card we lost).


This product from Orbit Beach Chair attracted a lot of attention: a foldable beach chair that swivels. Lots of fun and really does fold up into a handy, portable kit you can sling on your back. Way too much fun!

Another interesting one was Red Toolbox. It showcased a range of real tools, sized and styled for children. Donna Arbietman, VP marketing at Red Toolbox  said the lines even include power tools (these are just toys, she assured us). The idea, she said, is that these tools—both real and play—help kids get familiar with fixing stuff. “It’s an introduction into this world.” It has distribution through KIC in Montreal, selling to Costco “and lots of mom and pops.”

We talked with one international vendor who was at the show for the first time. Inaki Bringas from AR Shelving in Blbao, Spain, reported he was pleased with his experience in Vegas. “The show was good for us. We had something new to show.”