3D robotics firm sues Canadian Tire over warehouse fire

A warehouse robotics firm has filed a statement of claim against Canadian Tire over the latter’s mid-March fire at one of its largest distribution centres in Brampton, Ont.

Calgary-based Attabotics is a start-up that was working with Canadian Tire to develop “3D robotics” to reduce the inefficiencies of “legacy” row-and-aisle warehouse systems. It says the fire at the Brampton CTC facility caused damages to Attabotics.

The damages, according to the claim, include “loss of reputation, business opportunities, goodwill, market share, and/or loss of profit.”  The fire occurred because of Canadian Tire’s “wrongful conduct, statutory breaches, breaches of contract, gross negligence, willful misconduct, negligence, and recklessness,” the claim alleges.