Luxo Marbre announces major expansion

Luxo Marbre welcomed Canada’s national revenue minister to its warehouse in Saint-Rémi, Que., for the announcement of $335,000 in financial support from Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.

With this repayable contribution, the agency supports upgrades to Luxo’s sub-assembly operations, which have been repatriated to Canada from China and will require digital production equipment. It will also allow Luxo to set up an innovation department and an international marketing strategy.

The new facilities are driven by Luxo’s expansion into the wholesale and kitchen wares businesses. The latter includes the Luxo Kitchen and high-end Luxo Signature lines.

For the occasion, minister Marie-Claude Bibeau represented tourism minister Soraya Martinez Ferrada. She was accompanied by local MP Brenda Shanahan and Saint-Rémi mayor Sylvie Gagnon-Breton.

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