Gleaming Mexican stores a world away from Sears’ U.S. offerings

MEXICO CITY — As Sears Holdings struggles to rebuild, its unrelated Mexican counterpart welcomes shoppers to state-of-the-art stores, Bloomberg reports. In Mexico, the Sears brand, which entered the country in 1947 is controlled by billionaire Carlos Slim, who bought out Sears Holdings in 1997. Through Grupo Sanborn, Slim owns 99% of the banner.

In contrast to the U.S., where a lack of investment has led to lacklustre offerings, Sears Mexico has been busily opening new stores and remodelling existing ones. At a store in southern Mexico, shopper Abdayan Rojas Gutierrez praised Sears’ selection in comparison to its local competitors. “What I like about this store in particular is it’s more concentrated,” he told Bloomberg. “The others are more spread out and aren’t well illuminated. This one has better lighting, and so I like it better.”