Ontario building centre’s sign goes viral

A Home Hardware store in Wiarton, Ont. has scored a big hit on social media with a simple message that it posted on its outdoor marquee sign. “Kevin… your vacuum is here,” read the sign. The actual customer, Kevin, told the Narcity Media Group that “it was actually a bit of a planned joke.” Kevin had ordered the DeWalt vacuum back in early December and had been into the store “a few times weekly” to find out if the item had been delivered.

The minor delay became an object of humour between staff at the Wiarton Home Hardware Building Centre and the customer. So, when the vacuum arrived, the staff decided to post the happy news on the store’s marquee sign next to the road. Kevin posted the picture on a Reddit thread which immediately got 27,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments. “We had no idea it would get this much attention,” dealer-owner Alan Sutter told Narcity.