P.E.I. retailers rally in midst of hurricane

CHARLOTTETOWN — As Prince Edward Islanders geared up for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian over the weekend, local authorities and businesses doubled down their efforts to help residents prepare. At Charlottetown’s Home Hardware, employees dismounted tents in the garden centre as they could otherwise accumulate water or simply blow away, store manager Jamie Lewis told CBC News.

Lewis took to social media to remind homeowners to put away outside items. “Make sure you are tidying up your barbecues, your patio furniture, secure them if you can or put them in the garage out of the way,” he wrote. “Propane tanks should stay outdoors not inside the garage.” The store, he said, was doing a brisk trade in items such as lanterns, batteries, kerosene lamp oil and power generators. In addition to stocking up on supplies for the home, many customers took the opportunity to ensure vehicles had a full tank of gas.