RONA stores raise money in May to support communities

The RONA Foundation, which oversees the philanthropic activities of RONA inc., is rolling out a new in-store fundraising campaign for its Build from the Heart program, which was launched last year. All through May, customers who visit a participating RONA store will have the opportunity to make a donation at checkout to support the construction or renovation project of an organization in the province.

Build from the Heart aims to help seven organizations across the country—one in each province or region where RONA is established—to carry out projects to revitalize living environments or make it easier to access housing for Canadian populations in need. (Shown here, l-r: Grace, Fiona, Sandra, Patrick, Lorna, Chris, Dani, John, Mark, and Peter from the RONA+ store in Niagara Falls, Ont.)

Last year, the RONA Foundation donated $500,000 to community projects across Canada. The goal this year is to double that amount.