Throwback Thursday: 20 years ago, Sodisco-Howden introduced Ace banner to Quebec

Throwback Thursday is a weekly feature in which we dip into the Hardlines Weekly Report archives.

In the Oct. 6, 2003 Hardlines Weekly Report, we wrote:

Sodisco-Howden Group has converted a number of its stores to Ace in Quebec, a decisive move given that the Ace name is virtually unknown in that province. However, it effectively rationalizes the wholesaler’s banners, which have accrued through various acquisitions in recent years.

The conversions affected 43 Ferplus and Bâtitout dealers that had been part of Sodisco-Howden’s takeover of the hardware business of Marchands Unis in November 2001. Another 32 former Marchands dealers had already switched to Pro over the past year, says Lucie Désilets, business development manager for Sodisco-Howden.