Want to know the sales figures and strategies of our industry’s Top 20 banner groups?

Luckily, we at Hardlines have done the work for you.

We are the only information publisher in the world that has this data. When the media cites home improvement retailer data for Canada, many times they are citing us.

We publish this information exclusively in our Hardlines Retail Report. The 2023 version went live just days ago.

In a handy PowerPoint format, you’ll get 145 slides and 40 charts and graphs that tell you:

– The size and growth of the industry (OK, one freebie only: it was a $61.135 billion industry last year. – Editor)

– Top 20 retailers ranked by sales. And discussions about their signings, new programs, strategies, and buying alliances.

– Market share and detailed granular analysis of the Top Four retailers

– Market share by store format

– Market share by province

– The famous Hardlines 2023 Banner Map that shows the buying affiliations—and links between them—of more than 80 retail groups and buying groups

– Forecasts for industry growth

All this for only $1,970 + HST (with a $420 savings for Hardlines Premium Members!).

To get your 2023 Hardlines Retail Report, click here.