2017 Hardlines Conference Speaker Presentations

Click on the name of the presentations to download. We are still waiting for a couple presentations, they will be uploaded as soon as we receive them. If you save this URL, you can come back to this page as many times as you’d like. 

Robert Howard, Kurt Salmon
Getting creative with commerce

Doug Anderson, Peavey Industries
Clientele from farm to table

Peter Norman, Altus Group
Tracking the trends

Industry Analysis with Denis Melanson, BMCC
Michael McLarney, Hardlines
Taking the pulse of the industry

John Herbert, EDRA
Global trends, local lessons

Emil Cermak, FedEx
From the warehouse to their house

Daniel Lampron, Patrick Morin
Strong, independent, and family-run

John Williams, J.C. Williams
Understanding your customer better  

Rick McNabb, Home Hardware Stores
Making change without making waves

Dan Tratensek, North American Retail Hardware Association (coming soon)
How do we solve a problem like e-commerce?

Jim Thompson, Former COO of Wal-Mart China & former senior executive at Wal-Mart Canada
Profiles in Leadership